Who Are We?

We are Polly, Juzzy and Joops.  We are Rock n' Rollers with Gypsy Hearts.  We spend our time travelling the world, as creatives.  Polly has spent years touring the world with different bands and Juzzy has spent his time hiking to the most distant and stunning places in the world. And little Jupiter leads the adventures with new ways to see the world.     

We love to help people and work with artists and have created and designed a stunning fleet of Gypsy Wagons. 


Working with the world class craftsman, artisan and designer, Leon King of Rolling Homes, we have created the most gorgeous Gypsy Wagons on the planet. 

Check for yourself...   we nailed it.  

We handpick and work closely with Australia's most incredible artist, who turn our luxurious wagons into stunning and unique art pieces for all to enjoy.


We support our musical friends with a new musical series 'Gypsy Coast Jams'. A night with us, round the fire and special jam nights to get together and Jam.  We capture the magic and share it with you!  Cause as Joops says -  'Sharing is Caring'  

We are creating a series of 'Gypsy Coast Parks' all around Australia!


Hit the Road and take the 'Gypsy Coast'. 


With Gypsy Wagons nestled about lush properties, a gorgeous stage, we are creating a new and exciting gig circuit.  A new style of park which caters for those just like us.  A little rowdy, a lover of music, fun, friendly families, travellers and adventurers.  

We work with festivals on creating a unique and fun experience for their punters and Artists. 


We wanted to create a unique air Bnb option for those who want to earn a great passive income.  We wanted to showcase the best musicians and artists to those from overseas and those on the road.  We wanted to something that embodies our lifestyle.

So we Created Gypsy Coast.  Welcome to the family, weirdos.